Training – Aiding the Growth of your Business

Here at RFL Company services, we provide training for multiple facets within a business’ accounting department.

Bookkeeping Training

Although we offer our own bookkeeping services, some businesses prefer the idea of having their bookkeeper in house. Having a bookkeeper with full knowledge of your business and the way in which it operates can be very beneficial. By allowing us to train one of your existing members of staff, you will be making a safe investment.

For the training in bookkeeping we provide, there are two different types that you can receive.

  • Basic Bookkeeping – This will allow you to know where to allocate different purchases made by your business.
  • Advanced Bookkeeping – A more detailed service that lets you ensure that records are kept on all your activity.

A high-quality bookkeeping service is always a necessity for keeping a business HMRC compliant.

Sage Training

As well as being able to train you in certain skills, we also provide training in accounting software.  This is closely tied in with being trained in bookkeeping, as accounting software is used to keep records of transactions.

RFL Company Services is partnered with Sage Accountancy, who created Sage, one of the most powerful accounting programs available.

In Sage, you can submit certain returns directly to HMRC with no hassle. This includes quarterly VAT returns, and monthly CIS (Construction Industry Scheme) returns. Before submitting, you can enter all transactions relevant in a somewhat intuitive interface. Once this is done, you can reconcile the bank with statements to see if you’ve entered everything correctly.

We offer comprehensive training in Sage that ensures you keep your business up to date with all its tax returns.

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Quickbooks Online Training

We also offer training in Quickbooks Online, which some of our clients find has a more user-friendly interface. Well known for being cloud-based software, Quickbooks is accessible from any place and at any time. Thanks to this you can always keep up to date with your business affairs.

Although Sage is recognised as a more intensive program, Quickbooks is useful for VAT returns and bookkeeping all the same.


Like our bookkeeping services, we also provide training in payroll. We’ll train you in setting up a payroll for your employees, which in turn saves you time, and therefore money. We’re well versed with PAYE, being accountants, so we’ll make sure you pay the right amount when you need to.

Raising Finance

Accounting isn’t the only thing our training services are based around. Due to a broad history of working in business, we possess knowledge that may be of use to you. We understand the struggles and hardships one can face when starting up a new business. It is important to be able to finance all your ideas to make them successful. We can offer you training that will help you to maintain a lucrative business.  As well as this we have our own finance that you can access, by allowing us to invest in your business. Read here for more information.