Taxation - Saving Money

Taxation – How can we save you money?

Taxation is a key area to a business, where up to date knowledge by your accountant is a necessity. Ensuring you pay no more tax than required, and structuring your business to suit your requirements. These are areas where advice from RFL Company Services can assist your company. Our taxation advisers have spent many years negotiating with HMRC on our client’s behalf. Staying up to date with current legislation is an especially important requirement for membership to the ICAEW (Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales).

Considering that there are various tax reliefs and allowances available from HMRC, we recommend that we conduct regular tax planning reviews to take advantage of these, as circumstances change. In addition, we will focus on mitigating your tax liabilities and highlighting your entitlements. Our Taxation experts provide advice and planning on all areas of taxation, including VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE, CIS, dividends and compliance.

Our Corporation Tax team works alongside our personal tax team, hence your personal tax is considered along with your business’. Consequently, this holistic approach ensures that costly mistakes are avoided for business owners and entrepreneurs.

Keeping you Compliant with Current Taxation

With the VAT registration currently set at £83,000, there are implications for your business upon registration as a result. Our team can assist with the process, in addition to advising on which of the schemes available are more applicable to your business. We can complete and reconcile your VAT return every quarter, and should the matter arise, negotiate with HMRC on VAT disputes or represent your business at VAT tribunals.

Our clients work across various industries including professional and construction industries, which utilise subcontractors as well as temporary staff. Understanding the UK regulations on permanent and temporary workers, and their entitlements, assists you in meeting your requirements as an employer. Another way we can help is by managing payroll as well as administering CIS schemes for our clients.

The laws have changed on dividends, resulting in higher tax rates for payments to individuals, which is why company structure and tax planning is key to the taxation work we do at RFL Company Services. Keeping your business compliant is part of the work we do, therefore leaving you to focus on growing your business.

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Taxation - Doing the hard work for you

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